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it's all about the right fit.

We create seamless partnerships by matching top technical talents with elite clients.

How we hire

Our hiring process is thorough, to ensure we make the right decision and to help you to decide if we're the right fit for you.

👋🏻 Initial Screening

We will contact you for a chat to learn about you, your experience, and career goals.

🔍 Client Meeting

Clients will explore your industry expertis, along with behavioral questions to assess your potential contributions to the team.

🤖 Technical Skills Test

Via coding tests or interviews, we assess your software development skills, coding expertise, and problem-solving abilities in relation to the position's requirements.

💬 Final Chat

We'll discuss your technical assessment results and ask additional questions to help the client make their hiring decision.



Formerly CodingChiefs.

Starting early 2024, we are moving forward as CC.Talent. 

The decision is part of the ongoing commitment to reflect the company's values and aspirations accurately. The choice of the name CC.Talent is very intentional: 'CC' refers to the former 'CodingChiefs,' retaining the company's foundational values, while 'Talent' underscores the crucial importance of people. ‘We're not just about technology and coding; above all, we're about people!’


Unlock your business potential with a Dedicated Remote Team.

Need to bridge a talent gap or tackle a specific project? Our outstaffing solutions go beyond developers to empower your business with a full range of digital expertise. We'll connect you with top-tier professionals to address your specific needs, from software development to design and beyond. Let's build your dream team, together.


Nice to meet you!

In the ever-changing tech world, the demand for highly qualified tech professionals has never been greater. As companies adapt to globalization and new realities, the way we work is also changing. The rise of remote working tech teams, both fully and partially, has become a characteristic of our time and is embedded in our DNA.

Can’t find a job postion you’re looking for?

Send us your CV! We’ll get in touch when we have an opening that matches your expectations.